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Trivia° temperature recorders register and store temperature readings and/or humidity during the cold chain transportation of your products.

They are available in a wide range of data loggers adapted to each individual need – sole use, multi-use, reusable, programmable and even pre-programmed.

Delivered ready to use, they are safe, reliable and resistant.

Co-engineered by cold chain packaging experts and engineers specialised in the electronic recording of temperatures, the recorders can track, control and maintain temperature surveillance for shipments in a 100% secure cold chain.  

Opt for security and simplicity by choosing Trivia° Loggers.

Benefits (Left Square)
  • Easy to program
  • Resistants
  • Excellent value for money

Click here to download the Sofrigam Manager programming software


Technical informations

Type Temperature range Hygrometry Memory Accuracy Screen Resolution Reference Reuse
Usage Unique -40°C / +80°C°C to % RH ≤13 000 pts pts ±0.5°C °C (% RH) LCD 0,01°C °C (% RH) TRIVIA04
Usage Unique -40°C / +80°C°C to % RH ≤20 000 pts pts ±0.5°C °C (% RH) LCD 0,01°C °C (% RH) TRIVIA01
Usage Multiple -40°C / +80°C°C to % RH ≤13 000 pts pts ±0.5°C °C (% RH) LCD 0,01°C °C (% RH) TRIVIA02
Free software for temperature reports
Free software for temperature reports