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Cookie policy


We use cookies on our website. A cookie is a small block of data that a website stores on the visitor's computer or mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.). The term cookie refers to all the trackers and technology used to track browsing. 

This information will allow you to learn more about how cookies work, as well as the other trackers we use and the different ways you can exercise your freedom to choose and configure them. 

Cookies are installed and stored for a maximum period of 13 months from the time they are installed.

We use this technology to improve the value, ergonomics and performance of our tools, ensuring that they are working optimally; to understand the flow of online visitors and the frequency of their visits; and to improve our services. 

In concrete terms, cookies allow us to:

  • Remember your preferences and some of your personal settings: your choices, your searches, and specific data with which you have previously entrusted us.
  • Collect and analyse website statistics (traffic volume and repeated use, content visited, paths, etc.).
  • Offer easy access to reserved areas, such as your personal account, by recognising login information, even after a certain period of time has elapsed.
  • Display and share content from social media.
  • Offer advertising based on your areas of interest.
  • And implement various security measures and identification systems to thwart attempts at fraud and identity theft.


We use five types of cookies on our website for the specific purposes laid out below. 

The main cookies are as follows: 

  • Strictly necessary cookies (mandatory)

These cookies are necessary. They are essential for the functioning of the website and for your browsing, allowing you to use the website’s main features and to secure your connection. Without these cookies, you would not be able to browse our website normally.

  • Performance cookies (optional)

These cookies work to optimise the functioning of the website. They allow you to enjoy a fluid and personalised browsing experience, and are intended to improve your user experience. They are used to remember the choices you make on our website.

  • Audience measurement cookies (optional) (if applicable)

General information: These cookies provide us with information on the use and performance of the website. They allow us to establish statistics regarding the volumes of visits; the paths; and the rate of use of the content, sections and articles consulted. These cookies are also used to count the visitors to specific pages, and to correct any browsing problems encountered. 

They are intended to improve the value and ergonomics of our services.

Use of the Google Analytics tool: This website uses the analysis tool known as "Google Analytics". This powerful tool allows us to collect information in order to analyse the website audience and to improve the website's content. Google Analytics also uses cookies that allow it to analyse specific data, particularly to determine the use of the website by the users. 

This data is transmitted and stored by Google on its servers. Google analyses this information and compiles reports on the website activity for the owner. Google may communicate this data to third parties in the event of a legal obligation, or if they have a partnership agreement.

These cookies are not installed without your prior consent. You can accept or reject these cookies using the cookie banner shown during your first visit, but you can also change your choice at any time by clicking on the "Cookies" link at the bottom of the page. However, we must inform you that deactivating cookies could prevent the use of certain website features. 

For more information on the privacy rules relating to the use of Google Analytics, please click here: https://policies.google.com/technologies/partner-sites

  • Targeted advertising cookies (if applicable) (optional)

These cookies record specific parameters from your visit to our website, such as the pages you have visited and the links you have followed. We and our advertising partners want to use this information to make the website, content and advertising that may be offered to you more relevant.

These cookies also allow us to find out how you arrived on our website, and if you made a purchase on the website after clicking on one of our partner's links or banner advertisements. They therefore allow us to remunerate said partners if purchases can be attributed to them. 

These cookies are not installed without your prior consent. You can accept or reject these cookies using the cookie banner shown during your first visit, but you can also change your choice at any time by clicking on the "Cookies" link at the bottom of the page.

  • Social media cookies (if applicable) (optional)

These cookies originate from the social media that we have associated with our website. They allow us to track your browsing on other websites, to identify your contacts on social networks, to share content with them, and to develop a profile of your areas of interest. This can impact the content and messages you receive on other websites you visit. 

These cookies are not installed without your prior consent. You can accept or reject these cookies using the cookie banner shown during your first visit, but you can also change your choice at any time by clicking on the "Cookies" link at the bottom of the page.

If you do not accept these cookies, you may not be able to use the sharing tools that your social media makes available to you. 

We recommend that you carefully consult the privacy policies of these social networks in order to understand their purposes, particularly advertising, and to inform yourself about the browsing information they can collect by way of these buttons. For example, the cookies policies for various social networks can be accessed via the following links: 


We and our partners may access and/or store information on your device by way of cookies or other trackers. 

List of companies that use cookies or trackers on our website:

  • Google
  • Youtube 
  • Zoho


You can choose which cookies you allow to be installed, except strictly necessary cookies, which are necessary to browse the website.

Any configurations that you choose may affect your internet browsing and your conditions of access to certain services that require the use of these cookies.

You can choose to set and edit your cookie preferences at any time by following the instructions below. 

  • Configuring cookies using the cookie banner

You can choose to accept the installation of all cookies, to reject them all, or to accept them only in part, by clicking HERE.

  • The "Do Not Track" setting on your browser

The "Do Not Track" setting allows visitors to signal to websites that they do not wish to be tracked. 

You can configure/personalise your browser to store cookies on your device or, on the contrary, to reject them, either systematically or depending on their issuer. You can also set your browser to allow you to choose to accept or reject cookies in advance, before a cookie is likely to be stored on your device. 

As each browser is configured differently, you should always follow the instructions from the owner of your browser. 

We have compiled the following instructions to help you configure the most commonly used browsers:

  • Internet Explorer: In Internet Explorer, click the Tools button, then click Internet Options. Go to the General tab, go to Browsing history, and click Settings. Click on the View files button.


  • Google Chrome: In Google Chrome, click on the menu icon. Select Settings. Go to the Privacy and security section. Click Cookies and other site data.


  • Safari: In your Safari browser, go to the Safari menu > Preferences. Click Privacy. Click Manage Website Data.


  • Firefox: In your Firefox browser, go to the Menu tab of the browser then select the Options menu. In the window that appears, choose Privacy & Security and go to Cookies and Site Data.


  • Opéra: In your Opera browser, go to Settings, click Advanced in the left sidebar, then click Privacy & security. Click Site settings and then Cookies and site data. At the top, enable or disable "Allow sites to save and read cookie data".


  • Express your online choices via an interprofessional platform 

With regard to advertising cookies, you can choose to log in to the Youronlinechoices website, which is provided by the digital advertising professionals belonging to the EDAA (European Digital Advertising Alliance) and managed in France by the Interactive Advertising France Office. 
This European platform is shared by hundreds of internet advertising professionals and offers a centralised interface for you to express your rejection or your acceptance of cookies that may be used to display advertisements based on your areas of interest, which are established according to your internet activity and previous browsing: https://www.youronlinechoices.com/uk/your-ad-choices

If you choose to reject this type of cookies, it does not mean that you will no longer receive advertising on the internet, but you will not receive targeted banner ads in this manner and by these means. This will not affect or prevent you from receiving other types of advertising, such as emails or pop-up advertisements.

You must follow the same procedure on each terminal or each web browser that you use in order to completely reject advertising based on your areas of interest.

  • More information on cookies

For more information on cookies, you can consult the CNIL website at the following address (French): https://www.cnil.fr/fr/cookies-les-outils-pour-les-maitriser


Any specific questions regarding our storage and use of data, or any requests for additional information on our cookie policy, can be sent to: privacy@sofrigam.com.