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Optimize your pharmaceutical supply chain

Optimize your pharmaceutical supply chain

With a global turnover of more than 75 billion dollars in 2018 and growth estimated at 3.5 % per annum up to 2025, pharmaceutical logistics are indeed in a prosperous market. The acceleration in volume of the dispatches and increased sensitivity of pharmaceutical innovations encourage logistics service providers to continually explore business models promoting higher productivity. Are you looking to minimise transportation costs while at the same time guaranteeing the security of your clients’ innovations? We can offer you our experience in both the cold chain process and the health sector in order to help you find optimal solutions to each stage of your supply chain.

To meet an increasing demand for control of the cold chain  

With a market share of 32,93% in 2017, the health-care sector is the second largest consumer of isothermal and refrigerated packaging solutions, second only to the food industry.  

The more temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products emerge, the more those involved in the health sector need reliable solutions to transport them. The market share of thermo-sensitive solutions continues to grow – it is estimated to rise by 33,15 % between now and 2025.

Simplify your dispatches and offer tranquillity of mind to your clients with a supply chain which is both reliable and secure.

To help you with your cold chain transport

We have experience gained in the pharmaceutical supply chain for over 40 years and are familiar with all the specificities and constraints relating to this sector fully integrated into our solutions.

Our R&D department is continually innovating, aiming to create solutions that meet your needs in terms of optimisation of weight and volumes – and in a manner that is environmentally friendly and controls the cold chain. 

We can put this winning combination – efficacy and cost-effectiveness – at the disposal of your supply chain.

The strength of our packaging solutions resides in their capacity to guarantee the maintenance of the cold chain and to simplify logistical procedures without having to sacrifice quality for cost reasons.  

The objectives
  • To offer optimal solutions which are reliable, secure and adapted to the diversity of the logistic circuits of your clients.
  • To conform to the statutory demands of the cold chain distribution of pharmaceutical products and comply with the guidelines of the Good Distribution Practice of medicinal products (GDP).
  • To control logistic costs with simplified ergonomics to reduce the preparation time, thereby optimising the handling of the relevant volumes.