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Ensuring the success of your clinical trials

Ensuring the success of your clinical trials

The logistics of clinical trials is complicated by the fact that knowledge of the reaction of the product under unusual environmental conditions can be incomplete. Clinical trials have an impact on human lives and so it is essential to find transport solutions within cold chains that are extremely reliable at every stage of the trial.  With 40 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical cold chain, Sofrigam is there to assist you in the success of your clinical trials.

The advance of clinical research

Our expertise is in maintaining the temperature of pharmaceutical products and highly sensitive biotechnological products, to help your innovations.

Whatever the logistic circuit, whatever the temperature, whatever the constraints … the solutions that Sofrigam packaging can provide will reduce the risks and guarantee the maintenance of the cold chain.

From development to commercial application, the Sofrigam cold chain packaging will help ensure success in your clinical trials.

Securing the logistics of the Clinical trials from start to finish

Biological matters, specimens, samplings … each phase of a clinical trial necessitates an adapted transport solution. Let Sofrigam join you on each and every stage of your project:

  • Active packaging solutions allow the transport and storage of trial clinics at the correct temperature to and at the heart of investigation.
  • The insulated pouches ensure the maintenance of the cold chain of the medicinal products right up to the point of them being administrated to patients.
  • The UN3373 qualified cold chain boxes can guarantee the safe transport of specimens and biological samplings in Category B from the investigation centre to the analysis laboratory.
The objectives
  • To transport safely the active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), the specimens, biological samplings and the experimental medication (IMP) in total security. This requires both active and passive. transport solutions within an adapted cold chain.
  • To offer packaging solutions that meet even the most demanding statutory constraints of the industry (Afnor, ISTA, WHO)
  • To dispatch the biological samplings and specimens within Regulation UN3373 covering the transport of Category B products.