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Froid News Special Edition on Coldway Technologies

Froid News Special Edition on Coldway Technologies

Discover this special edition of Froid News, the magazine specialised in cold logistics. This edition is dedicated to Coldway Technologies, an innovative and disruptive refrigeration system that provides an environmentally friendly response to temperature-controlled urban logistics.

The SOFRIGAM GROUP at the heart of eco-friendly logistics

The Sofrigam Group provides transport and logistic systems where temperature control of products is required. Sofrigam is well known worldwide for products temperature-assured packaging for the pharmaceutical and biotech markets. Sofrigam is already well known both in France and Internationally for its capacity to produce a wide range of certified insulated conditioning, specifically for the health product sector. The acquisition of Coldway in 2018 has widened the company’s products to include a unique range of eco-responsible urban logistics to meet all the needs of active refrigeration...

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