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SCAN ONLINE | QR Code Data Logger

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QR code data logger integrated to the packaging solution
Dynamic QR code data logger
Traceability of temperatures
Scan Online data logger

SCAN ONLINE | QR Code Data Logger

Gain efficiency and speed for your cold chain shipments with the Scan Online traceability solution.

New generation temperature recorder, Scan Online is a dynamic QR code integrated into the insulated packaging solution. With a simple scan, data is collected and sent encrypted to a highly secure cloud. Internal and external temperatures, humidity, shocks, geolocation of the packaging, ... the data and statistics of your shipments are accessible everywhere, all the time, via the cloud platform.

View, manage, schedule and download your asset data remotely for immediate decision-making.

Benefit from a complete cold chain management solution, with integrated traceability, to ensure the safety and compliance of your supply chain.

Example of a dashboard with data centralised on the cloud platform

Dashboard Scan Online data logger

  • Dynamic QR code integrated into the packaging: instant and secure access to data in one scan via tablet, smartphone or 2D scanner.
  • High data security: encrypted data, encrypted connection, full edit logs and user management.
  • Easy remote management: view, analyse, manage and share data remotely from a cloud platform that centralises and organises data in a dashboard format.
  • Certified traceability system: complies with EN 12830, 21 CFR PART 11, GAMP5 and the recommendations of the Good Distribution Practices for medicines.
  • Technology compatible with all means of transport, including air freight.
  • Complete cold chain management solution: integration with our packaging for an all-in-one cold chain management solution: temperature maintenance and traceability
  • Unlimited cloud storage space.
Easily validate the conformity of the products shipped
Easily validate the conformity of the products shipped

The advantages of integrating the SCAN ONLINE temperature recorder into Sofrigam packaging solutions

Sofrigam offers cold chain packaging solutions designed to meet the needs of players in the pharmaceutical supply chain. Tested and qualified according to the regulatory standards for the cold chain transport of medicines, they comply with the recommendations of the Good Distribution Practices for Medicines (GDP).

Integrating Scan Online technology into Sofrigam's packaging solutions means benefiting from:

  • A smart packaging solution with integrated temperature traceability (product temperature, ambient temperature, shock and geolocation by scanning)
  • Double protection to guarantee the integrity of the products transported: a high thermal performance refrigerated packaging and a very reliable data tracking technology, all tested and qualified in a thermal testing laboratory.
  • Ultra-simplified cold chain management: remotely accessible data for asset tracking at each stage of transport, and accessible by scan to release batches very quickly.

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