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Track & Trace

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Track & Trace

Track & Trace

What if the traceability of your shipments gave you better control of your supply chain?

Temperature monitoring and tracking offers increased security for your cold chain shipments. Choose complete control of your cold chain logistics thanks to the Track & Trace service.

Collect, analyse, improve your cold chain shipments from a single platform. Temperature, humidity, brightness, shocks, etc. collect up to 15 statistics in real time or offline

Why choose Track & Trace?

Ship in compliance with Good Distribution Practices for medicinal products recommendations thanks to tested and qualified solutions (systematic qualification reporting).

Benefit from the support of Sofrigam experts throughout the entire traceability process, from configuration of temperature monitoring tools, up to extraction and analysis of data.

Control, secure and optimise your shipments across your whole logistical circuit, for complete end-to-end control of your cold chain.

  • Management of all data from a single collaborative platform
  • Real time monitoring
  • Support throughout the tracking of your shipment 
  • Automation and simplification of your supply chain
  • OQ integration and delivery 
  • Risk management for your supply chain
  • Reactivity and proactivity
Increase the visibility of your cold chain to improve risk management

Measuring, monitoring and analysing temperature data gives you the opportunity to better control your cold chain logistics. Each year, heat-sensitive product losses result in colossal financial costs. Reduce the risks and limit the costs.

With Track & Trace you:

  • Reduce the risks of temperature excursions,
  • Receive alerts in case of anomalies and make immediate decisions,
  • Have constant access to the data collected,
  • Analyse and continually improve your cold chain,
  • Optimise management solutions for the cold chain,
  • Confirm that the integrity of shipped products has been respected,
  • Comply with recommendations on Good Distribution Practices for medicinal products.