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So Reuse

So Reuse

So Reuse

Want to reduce the carbon footprint of your shipments?

We accompany you in your environmental approach and help you to reduce your logistic costs with our So Reuse service.

Combined with any Sofrigam reusable solution, the So Reuse service is offered in two programmes, a standard programme and a premium programme.

Whichever programme you choose, we will support you in managing the reuse of packaging and adapt the programme to meet your various logistical constraints.

Opt for the So Reuse program of your choice to reduce your waste, limit the environmental impact of your cold chain logistics and reduce your costs.

Why choosing So reuse°?

Every customer has different needs. This is why So Reuse is available in two programs that can be adapted to your needs: the Standard program and the Premium program.


Both programs are designed to allow you to:

  • Reduce your waste with robust and optimized solutions,
  • Ensure product safety with accurate and certified control processes to maintain performance consistent with the qualification file,
  • Reduce your logistics costs.
Standard or Premium programme?

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