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made-to-measure cold chain packaging solutions

Design office

Do you wish to adapt our refrigerated packaging to your logistical constraints?

Our Design Office analyses your logistics circuit to develop customised cold chain packaging, adapted to your specific transport requirements. This means that you can optimize the volumes you ship by 10 to 50% and benefit from better protection while reducing your costs and your environmental impact.

Our engineers provide you with continuous assistance at all stages of the design, from drawing up the specifications to commissioning the packaging solution.

Sofrigam packaging is designed according to the 'Cut and Glue' concept: any standard insulated packaging can be adapted to your needs (performance, dimensions, accessories), with no minimum order quantity.

  • Adjust each transport line at the best cost,
  • Limit the risk of errors thanks to field support,
  • Ensuring the security of shipments,
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of shipments.
Support and advice

Our experts have all the skills required to support you in every phase of improving your temperature-controlled packaging solution: 

  • TCO analysis, 
  • Scientific design, 
  • Thermal simulation, 
  • Storage, 
  • Monitoring, certification, qualification,
  • Operational training. 

Why use our Design Office?

Our Design Office engineers analyse your logistics circuit, define a temperature profile and adjust the packaging solution according to your needs.

  • Production of prototypes: our studies are modeled and can be presented to you either in 3D printing or as prototypes.
  • Arrangement of loading spaces
  • In-house thermal testing to determine the performance of the packaging solution, whatever your shipping requirements
  • Adaptation of the packaging solutions according to the results of thermal simulations
  • Submission of qualification files on request

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