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Cold chain training

Sofrigam Academy

The safety of your cold chain depends on the training of your teams.

The transport of temperature-sensitive products requires a perfect knowledge of the cold chain: an uncontrolled step can lead to the loss of the product.

After a 5-year field study, we have found that 90% of our clients' temperature excursions are due to a lack of team training.

Training is part of a quality improvement process: trained, your teams know how to take into account all the constraints related to the respect of the cold chain.

This is why Sofrigam has developed a training programme adapted to each function to improve cold chain safety and reduce losses.

Why choosing Sofrigam Academy°?

Managing cold chain logistics, choosing the right equipment, mastering regulations are your daily issues.

Don't wait any longer and learn from experts who can provide you with the cold chain knowledge base and help you better understand your options.

  • Develop the skills of your teams,
  • Reduce your temperature excursions,
  • Improve the safety of your products,
  • Benefit from training courses on various themes adapted to all profiles,
  • Delivery of a training certificate.

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