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REFCOLD INDIA 2023 exhibition

We're delighted to have been part of REFCOLD India 2023, South Asia's premier Refrigeration and Cold Chain Exhibition. โ„

Xavier LULKA was there with our partner Murali Wisva from October 12 to 14, 2023 to showcase the best our industry has to offer and help preserve temperature through innovation for a better future.

On this occasion, we had the pleasure of supporting Rensol Power, which distributes our solutions in South Asia.

The need for refrigeration has never been so high and is constantly growing. The countries of South Asia are particularly in need of solutions that are accessible, autonomous given local energy conditions, and that do not contribute to global warming, when they are the first to suffer the social and environmental consequences.

We are ready to meet these urgent challenges, thanks to Coldway technology and the group's expertise.