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Secure and manage the logistical risks of your pharmaceutical cold chain at the LogiPharma 2019 conference

A major event in the pharmaceutical supply chain, the LogiPharma trade fair will be held from 9-11 April 2019 at Montreux in Switzerland. It will bring together some of the biggest names in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries with supply chain providers to discuss good practice in the sector on the distribution of medicines. As a pharmaceutical cold chain specialist, Sofrigam will be there to present its insulated and refrigerated packaging solutions.

LogiPharma 2019 conference, 9-11 April, Montreux, Switzerland

The pharmaceutical cold chain in focus at the LogiPharma 2019

Managing the cold chain of medicines requires the use of devices that ensure temperature control during transportation. The logistics of heat-sensitive products is becoming a major challenge for pharmaceutical companies, combining financial, security and regulatory aspects with increasingly significant volumes. Anticipating and minimising risks, shipping pharmaceutical products in accordance with the Good Distribution Practice of medicines, controlling logistical costs and optimising the transparency of the pharmaceutical supply chain across the entire distribution network are just some of the challenges encountered by the pharmaceutical companies involved in the cold chain distribution of medicines. LogiPharma is a major European event on the pharmaceutical supply chain. In addition to the key current issues such as serialisation, digitalisation of the supply chain and blockchain, the pharmaceutical cold chain is widely discussed.  Come and share your feedback on the issues and challenges that you encounter daily to secure the cold chain logistics of your pharmaceutical products.


Pharmaceutical distribution in the spotlight

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From 2011 to 2017, the number of heat-sensitive healthcare products has increased by 45%: one medicine in two is shipped via the cold chain. Biopharmaceutical products are entering the market at a significantly faster rate than small molecule drugs (known as chemical drugs) and the growth in vaccines is the reason why the total sales volume of temperature-controlled pharmaceutical products is increasing twice as quickly than that of the pharmaceutical industry as a whole. In 2018, global sales of biotechnology medicines and biological products were estimated at more than 300 billion dollars. These high-value pharmaceutical products must, for the most part, be shipped via the cold chain across the entire distribution network, from their place of manufacture to hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and patients worldwide. 


20% of pharmaceutical products shipped via the cold chain are damaged during transport 

The cost of pharmaceutical product losses due to temperature fluctuations is estimated at 35 billion dollars per year. According to IATA, 20% of pharmaceutical products shipped via the cold chain are damaged during transport because of a break in the cold chain. The choice of insulated packaging solution is crucial for preventing risks during cold chain shipping. Even by anticipating the risks across a known logistical circuit, we cannot completely escape unforeseen events. Yet, with an unforeseen event there is an increased risk of shipped products being exposed to a break in the cold chain. The insulated packaging solution must guarantee the security of the shipped products across the entire logistical circuit.


Qualification and validation of insulated packaging: a quality guarantee

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In order to minimise risks during cold chain shipping, it is important to equip yourself with qualified and validated insulated packaging. Firstly, qualification and validation of insulated packaging are essential for complying with the requirements of Good Distribution Practice for medicines. Secondly, qualification and validation of the packaging guarantees its efficacy and ability to transport products in complete safety across the established logistical circuit. Validation of the packaging is a packaging test under actual conditions of use to verify that it is suitable for the shipping process. This also helps to identify and anticipate the risk areas across the logistical circuit.

Sofrigam is a pharmaceutical cold chain specialist. In addition to its core business, the manufacture of insulated shipping packaging, Sofrigam assists its pharmaceutical clients in securing and optimising their cold chain logistics. Its team of thermal engineers analyse the logistical circuits to offer packaging solutions perfectly adapted to the logistical constraints of each client. Sofrigam packaging solutions are systematically qualified in the thermal testing laboratory, and validated, so as to provide perfectly reliable insulated packaging solutions in accordance with the Good Distribution Practice of medicines.

Come and meet Sofrigamโ€™s cold chain experts at the LogiPharma conference from 9-11 April at stand nยฐ50. You will discover our range of insulated and temperature-controlled shipping packaging, from the flat-pack Pallet Shipper to high performance, reusable Elite insulated boxes!