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Cold Chain Global Forum 2018: containers tailored to optimize your temperature-controlled logistics!

Are controlling your logistical costs, improving efficiency, anticipating risks, managing your carbon footprint all part of your daily challenges? Sofrigam, the pharmaceutical insulated packaging specialist, would like to meet you at the Cold Chain Global Forum, on 26 and 27 September in Philadelphia. Come and meet our pharmaceutical cold chain experts and discover the new generation of our flagship insulated packaging solution: the Pallet Shipper! A new range of XXL pallet shippers with XXS shipping costs. Make a note in your diary!

A new generation pallet shipper at the Cold Chain Global Forum 2018

Pallet Shipper: the flagship insulated shipping container of Sofrigam

For more than 40 years, Sofrigam has been supporting pharmaceutical companies, biotechnologies, 3PLโ€™s, in the management of their cold supply chain, taking account of their issues with cost management, risk management and management of the impact of their activity on the environment.

In 2001, Sofrigam created the very first Pallet Shipper on the market to meet the logistical constraints of one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies. This high-performance, robust and ergonomic insulated shipping container has become a best-seller among the pharmaceutical cold chain specialist' solutions. The reason for its success? Easy and quick to prepare and load, it allows very large volumes of pharmaceutical products to be shipped around the world in complete safety. Its format has been designed to adapt to air freight platforms and optimise air shipments. A package designed to optimise temperature-controlled logistics for pharmaceutical products.


Reduce your transport costs with the new generation Pallet Shipper 

Today, the cold chain expert engineers at Sofrigam are going further. As efficient, robust and ergonomic as ever, the pallet shipper is delivered flat. Assembled in a few minutes by only one person, the flat-packed Pallet Shipper significantly optimizes logistical costs and reduces the carbon footprint. Offering a range of containers in different sizes to fit perfectly to the dimensions of air-freight pallets, it ensures a perfect constant temperature. Its large capacity optimizes shipments of pharmaceutical products and minimizes their environmental impact. 

โ€œThis new generation of Pallet Shippers optimizes shipments of pharmaceutical products by air. The range offers a variety of sizes to suit different logistical needs. As well as being very reliable, it is cost-effective and extremely well designed, while continuing to offer, from the leading perspective of Sofrigam, insulated packaging solutions that reduce the total cost of cold chain logistics.โ€™"Peter Buchanan, Sofrigam sales manager.

Explore the new range of insulated shipping containers on our stand on 26 and 27 September at the Cold Chain Global Forum in Philadelphia.

โ€œThe Cold Chain Global Forum is the ideal place to present our new range of Pallet Shippers. We are specialists in the pharmaceutical cold chain, we understand the problems of our clients. Our insulated packaging solutions are designed to facilitate the logistical management of your medicines on a daily basis. Our mission is to offer you efficient and cost-effective packaging solutions that respond to your logistical, technical and human constraints. Our new Pallet Shipper comes under this rationale: securing your shipments of pharma products while optimizing the costs and minimizing their environmental impact. Come and visit us at the Cold Chain Global Forum, we are there to advise and support you in resolving your cold chain issues.โ€ Alain Schuerwegen, Sales Manager, Sofrigam.


Cold Chain Global Forum, the American pharmaceutical cold chain conference 

No introduction is needed for the Cold Chain Global Forum, the American conference dedicated to cold chain logistics of pharmaceutical products and biological medicines. This 16th edition will focus on the major challenges of the pharmaceutical supply chain: optimizing shipments of cold chain pharmaceutical products and complying with regulatory, budgetary and environmental constraints, whilst managing and anticipating risks.

It is around this rich programme that the biggest players in the pharmaceutical supply chain will come together on 26 and 27 September and that our experts will welcome you at our Sofrigam stand.

โ€œThe Cold Chain Global Forum is an extraordinary forum for exchange to create synergies in our activity and come as close as possible to the issues in the sector.โ€, Jean Vezina, Commercial Engineer, North America.