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Available in pharmacy: the Igloo cooling pouch for your cold chain medicines

The pharmaceutical industry has become aware of the need to safeguard the transportation of pharmaceutical products right up to the last link of the logistical chain, that is to say the patient! We have devoted our expertise to this issue for 40 years. Today, weโ€™re there: there is an approved pouch for the transportation of heat-sensitive medicines at +5ยฐC from the pharmacy!

A cooling pouch for patients

Igloo, a cooling pouch for the transportation of medicines for the general public

Insulated solution for the transportation of medicines for patients

Igloo safeguards the transportation of cold chain medicines to the patient’s home


Igloo is a Certicold Pharma approved reusable, cooling pouch, which keeps medicines at +2°C to +8°C for 1 hour. A technical achievement for a product of this size! And above all, a product which responds to a major issue: cold chain compliance of heat-sensitive medicines without affecting their quality or rendering them harmful!

This insulated cooling pouch (with a cold source) is the fruit of 2 years of research and numerous collaborations with laboratories, wholesale distributors, hospitals and pharmacies. It was necessary to carry out nearly 600 tests to develop this quality insulated solution, designed for the health and safety of every patient.


Are you a healthcare professional?

Protect the integrity of your patientsโ€™ medicines

Provide your patients with an approved insulated solution for transporting their medicines


Order Igloo kits from the Coldshop.

By offering them an Igloo pouch, your patients can transport their medicine home without breaking the cold chain. The medicine will be kept cool for 1 hour. You just need to roll the flexible gel bag around the medicine and give your patient the sealed pouch. In this way, they can simply go to their medical appointment for administration of the treatment, or go home and store the pouch in the refrigerator for12 hours before use. 
If there is any doubt over what to do, the specific indications can be found on the back of the pouch. The Igloo kit can be reused more than 50 times. It is practical, light and easy to transport. These are all reasons to make your patients aware of the importance of cold chain compliance and provide them with a concrete solution such as the Igloo kit.


Cold chain compliance, it’s down to the “last mile”!

In 8 years, the number of heat-sensitive medicines has increased by nearly 50%. Today 1 out of 2 medicines is heat-sensitive (vaccinations, insulin, medicines for multiple sclerosis, chronic inflammatory diseases, etc.).

However, the insulated pouches which have existed on the market up until now do not comply with the French National Council of Pharmacists or pharmacy constraints: no eutectic gel packs inside the pouch to provide a cold source, no approval, no regulatory constraints, cold storage limited to a few minutes, etc. We have taken this problem on board and have developed the Igloo pouch. 


The size of the Igloo pouch is adapted to 80% of heat-sensitive medicines, but we are already planning to develop a bigger version for more voluminous products. 

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