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Nomad Air, for pneumatic tube transport in hospital

The pneumatic tube transport system allows medicines, samples and pharmaceutical preparations to be sent in record time from one department to another. However, cold chain compliance of heat-sensitive products must not be overlooked. This is why, at the request of a hospital, our engineers have developed an insulated packaging solution specifically for this system of transportation.

Nomad Air: a high-performance easy to use insulated case 

The Nomad Air insulated case fits in the capsule used for pneumatic tube transport. It is equipped with a thin but highly efficient insulating material to give both good thermal efficiency and increased space.

It is accompanied with eutectic gels and keeps healthcare products between +2°C and +8°C for 20 minutes

The case is orange so that it is clearly visible: because it must be dealt with immediately as soon as the capsule arrives in the relevant department.


The Nomad Air insulated case inserted into a transportation capsule


No preparation or specific handing is required: it can be placed directly into the refrigerator with no risk of the product freezing. 

The internal and external materials are easy to clean and disinfect, with Surfa’Safe from Laboratoires ANIOS, for example. 


Test: does Nomad Air comply with the cold chain?

Nomad Air performance testing has proven that a syringe type product with 1ml of fluid can be kept between +2°C and +8°C for 21 minutes with an average external temperature of +23°C. 


The room temperature


The room temperature is at the top (23°C), and the temperature of the product is in purple. It must remain between the two thick red lines so as to ensure temperature control (+2°C/+8°C). This is the case up to the 21st minute of the test.

Without an insulated case, the medicine would have reached +8°C in less than 3 minutes, rather than the 21 minutes shown on the graph. This is why it is important to guarantee the cold chain with a tested and approved insulated packaging solution!


The Nomad Air insulated Bag protects heat-sensitive healthcare products sent by pneumatic tube


Compliance with the cold chain: ensure that the capsule arrives at the correct temperature

Without insulated protection, there is no temperature conservation. A capsule alone is not enough to ensure that the healthcare product will stay between +2°C and +8°C during transportation, even if it is only a few seconds. 


In fact, several phases must be taken into consideration: 

  • Removal of the medicine from the refrigerated cabinet,
  • Insertion into the capsule, 
  • Transportation to the relevant department, 
  • Management by the healthcare team. 


Between each step there may be a certain time lapse. As stated by Vincent Bailleul, Innovation Manager and engineer at Sofrigam: “Our temperature testing laboratory Ater Métrologie conducted temperature tests to understand what happens when a medicine is not sent in an insulated protection solution. The results are undeniable: the temperature rise is such that the medicine exceeds the critical threshold of +8°C in around 2 minutes. The use of an insulated case is therefore essential.”

The Nomad Air insulated case transports heat-sensitive products within your hospital, clinic or healthcare facility using pneumatic tube transportation. And all this, with complete ease, speed, and above all security with guaranteed cold chain compliance!