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Find out more about Industrial Standard NF S99-700: some useful information

Industrial Standard NF S99-700 is an approved French industrial standard published by AFNOR in October 2007. It describes a method for qualifying the thermal efficiency of temperature-controlled and insulated shipping packaging solutions for healthcare products. Here is some useful information about Industrial Standard NF S99-700.

Qualification according to the AFNOR NF S99-700 standard

The correct way to describe a qualified packaging solution 

To talk about AFNOR-qualified insulated packaging solutions without quoting the reference to the industrial standard may result in an error. It is more relevant and correct to state that the packaging solution has been qualified in accordance with Industrial Standard NF S99-700. In fact, AFNOR publishes industrial standards such as NF S99-700 while also possessing competence with certification (the NF mark for example). 

Moreover, it is better to use the term ‘qualification of thermal efficiency’ rather than ‘validation’.


Industrial Standard NF S99-700 proposes two protocols


Emballages caisses isothermes qualifiรฉes, norme Afnor NF S 99-700, essai thermique emballage isotherme.

Qualification of a thermal cold chain packaging solution in accordance with Industrial Standard NF S99-700


Industrial Standard NF S99-700 is not simply concerned with temperature profiles. Specifying the temperature profiles applied to a qualification process is necessary but is not enough to declare the conformity of the packaging solution. To illustrate this premise, it could be said that temperature profiles are the tree that hides the forest!

Some parameters and criteria are obligatory for both protocols, while others are obligatory for the standard protocol (ST) only and they may be chosen or adapted for the specific protocol (SP). 


  • Find out more about the common criteria that follow the standard protocol (ST) of the industrial standard.
  • Find out more about the parameters to be specified in the context of a specific qualification (SP).


If you adapt one or more standard parameters to satisfy specific conditions, the qualification is then specific (SP). In this case, the conformity of the packaging solution is declared for a reference packaging solution and a reference specification. 

The test report details the protocol (standard or specific), the profile applied and all the test conditions. A cold chain shipping container can be qualified for several profiles, either standard or specific.


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