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The new Sofribox product range: really practical temperature-controlled packaging!

We are consolidating our position as the market leader in cooling boxes! In fact, our comparative analysis demonstrates that Sofrigam insulated packaging solutions are making a significant contribution to reducing your logistical costs, so we are taking advantage of this good news to launch a new range of Sofribox containers โ€“ and these products are always available from stock!

The new Sofribox range: reduce your logistics costs


The range of Sofribox cold chain shipping packaging has been redesigned and their weight has been reduced, enabling you to dispatch even more medicines. They satisfy every requirement for transportation via the cold chain. Indeed, products in the Sofribox range:

  • are qualified to maintain their contents at strict temperatures of between +2 °C and +8 °C,
  • can be used once or they can be used again and again
  • are equally suitable for use in both summer and winter
  • are accessible to everyone 
  • are immediately available


Here you will discover the factors that make Sofrigam products so successful: the greatest possible payload, the lowest possible weight and the shortest possible preparation time


It’s the right decision to opt for Sofrigam!

As part of an internal study, over a period of two months we compared the efficiency of our products with the packaging solutions offered by our competitors. To do this, we selected the most realistic profiles: AFNOR B and D and ISTA 7E. 

The results? Mainly due to the use of high added-value insulating materials in our products, the study showed that, given a comparable level of efficiency and a similar external size:

  • the payload is 20% greater and
  • the weight is reduced by 30%.

Our study also demonstrated that, whereas our cold chain shipping systems are just as easy to load as equivalent competing products, our set of accessories ensures ease of handling and reduces preparation times.


Sofrigam products: our prime concern is reliability

Efficiency of insulated shipping packaging for pharmaceuticals, quality of the polyurethane, inspection of raw materials

Quality control at Sofrigam


What is the secret of the efficiency of our products? In order to achieve such results, 12% of the entire workforce at Sofrigam is engaged in quality control, from receipt of the raw materials to delivery of the finished product and monitoring on our clients’ premises. In addition, the advanced techniques of our partner laboratory, Ater Métrologie, enable us to guarantee the integrity of our products at every stage of the cold chain.


In 2015, the Sofribox product range will also be qualified for maintaining strict temperatures of between +15 °C and +25 °C, in order to respond more comprehensively to your requirements. This year, we will also be turning our attention to creating a range of single-configuration products that can be used all year round. We’ll soon be telling you more on the blog!