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What types of cooling packaging are there for carrying medicines?

Cooling pouch for carrying cold chain medicines | Sofrigam

Are you taking medication? Do you need to carry vaccines, insulin or heat-sensitive medicines with you? Or are you a pharmacist or nurse looking to give the best possible advice to your patients? The Nomad refrigerated bag range was created in 2013 and conveniently fits into the daily life of patients. Here are 3 good reasons to use Nomad packing units.

Insulated packaging designed for patients

Attractive and reusable insulated bags, available in different sizes

Insulated bags, refrigerated pouch, insulated packing units for patients

Refrigerated packaging designed for patients


Do you carry medication on a daily basis which needs to be kept refrigerated? With the Slim pouch*, you can discreetly keep your medication for up to 2 hours: this extremely flat, textile, refrigerated case is no bigger than a touchscreen tablet sleeve.

Are you going on a trip which takes more than 10 hours? The Nomad bag* preserves medicines for up to 16 hours, whether you are travelling by car, train or air plane. Many sizes are available: it is possible to carry up to 12 litres of fresh product safely dependent on the model selected. 

*These packing units form part of the Nomad range.


Simpler to use: your cooling bag is ready to use in less than 30 seconds! 

Pharmaceutical insulated packing units, cold chain insulated solution, carrying heat-sensitive medicines

Nomad insulated bag


The Nomad bags do not require any complex preparation as temperatures rise, nor do they require stabilisation or separate "antifreeze" accessories. In fact, there is no risk of error! They can be prepared in less than 30 seconds. Directly place the gel packs at -20°C within the insulated bag without experiencing temperature rise. The selection of shapes and materials was designed so that they are as simple to use as possible, both in practical terms and in terms of considerations to be made. 


"This bag is so simple to use that the instructions for use only require an A5 piece of paper and take the form of a sketch, just like a cartoon, without any text."

Vincent Bailleul, Packaging Engineer at Sofrigam


Certicold Pharma certified pharmaceutical insulated packaging

Insulated and refrigerated packing units, cold chain health product solutions label.

Certicold Pharma: cold chain equipment quality label


Cooling packaging serve to guarantee the safety of medical treatments! But how can we be sure the insulated packaging solution is effective? How can we be sure that we are buying quality packing units at a good price? The solution can be found with the Certicold Pharma label. 

This European label was established by the Cemafroid certification laboratory. It serves to certify the quality of refrigerated equipment destined for carrying health products. In order to secure such a label, the packing units are tested as per a very accurate bill of specifications alongside health equipment manufacturers and professionals. The insulated bags within the Nomad range are Certicold Pharma certified


With the Slim pouch and Nomad bag, the Nomad insulated packaging range is efficient, attractive and very simple to use. Simply put, perfectly able to satisfy patient requirements!