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Two Sofrigam insulated packaging solutions are about to be awarded the Certicold Pharma label!

Within the market for cold chain equipment, there are many tested and qualified solutions for transporting pharmaceutical products. However, how can you be sure that they conform to regulations? How can you find proof guaranteeing that the products will be transported in complete safety? This is the purpose of the Certicold label.

Certicold Pharma: a European label for cold chain equipment 

Certicold Pharma is a label devised by Cemafroid. To obtain certification, it is necessary to submit a technical dossier to Cemafroid, which will then perform tests and carry out audits to ensure that the product conforms to specifications. The specifications have been compiled jointly by manufacturers, customers and cold chain experts. They are based on a number of criteria: 

  • Thermal and mechanical properties; 
  • Conformity with the applicable regulations and standards (BPD 2013, Afnor NF S 99-700);
  • Environmental performance indicators: greenhouse gases, destruction of the ozone layer and depletion of resources. 


The Certicold Pharma label guarantees the quality, performance and safety of cold chain equipment in the healthcare sector (climatic chambers, temperature indicators, insulated and refrigerating plant, insulated packaging). The label also guarantees a fair price for the product, allowing you to compare the prices of a number of similar products on the basis of an objective price. 


To find out more about the label, go to www.certicold.fr


Sofrigam is applying the Certicold Pharma label to its packaging solutions

Our insulated packaging solutions are recognised for their quality and their reliability. By way of confirmation, for several months, expert cold chain engineers at Sofrigam have been working on the labelling project for two flagship products in the Nomad range: the Slim cooling pouch and the Nomad insulated shoulder bag

These two packaging solutions are intended for transporting highly sensitive pharmaceutical products (vaccines, insulin, etc.) at clearly-defined temperatures between +2 °C and +8 °C. Reliable and easy to use, they ensure that healthcare products are transported in maximum safety. Products of choice for the Certicold Pharma labelling project!

The Certicold certificates will be officially awarded on 5 June, during the opening day of the new Cemafroid test tunnels (the most powerful in the world in terms of performance and environmental impact). 

We will be among the 200 guests (professionals in food processing and healthcare and cold chain users) in order to discuss the safety regulations for transporting medicines in the cold chain and to demonstrate our insulated packaging solutions, two of which will already have been awarded their Certicold Pharma certification!


To find out more about Cemafroid, go to www.cemafroid.fr