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Ship temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals by plane

Cold chain shipping container, transporting pharmaceuticals by air | Sofrigam

Air transport is commonly used in the distribution of temperature-sensitive products for its speed and safety. Let's take a look at the stakes and cool chain shipping solutions for this means of transport.

Transporting medicines by plane 

The heat-sensitive medicine market is changing: an increasing number of products must obey strict temperature requirements and be shipped quickly and effectively all over the world. Currently laboratories are looking for solutions that meet different challenges:

  • Compliance with the cold chain thanks to standard qualifications (FDA, Afnor, Ista, etc.) for obvious public health motives,
  • Reduction of loading times for financial motives,
  • Optimisation of volumes shipped by plane to limit their environmental impact. 


Abbes Kacimi, a Sofrigam cold chain expert engineer talks about transporting heat sensitive medicines by air:

"The logistics circuit for this means of transport is characterised by specific open or closed, hot or cold, segments such as the runway, transit and passage through customs. This circuit requires a reliable, stand-alone resource without any external energy sources, that can maintain the products within the required temperature range." 


The Frizbox® Pallet Shipper: insulated packaging ideal for air transport

To optimise the transport of medicines by plane, refrigerated packaging is a flexible, simple and economic solution. It makes it possible to ship small and large volumes safely and cost effectively. Gel packs are the only cold source inside the packaging, and autonomy can be guaranteed from a few hours to over 10 days.

Sofrigam has designed a pre-qualified insulated shipping packaging that is much bigger than that usually used. The Frizbox® Pallet Shipper corresponds to one quarter of an aircraft pallet, and makes it possible to load a European or American pallet directly into the container. With an inside volume of up to 2,000 litres and a temperature maintenance time of up to 120 hours, this insulated container keeps the products at controlled temperature between +2°C and +8°C, or +15°C and +25°C.


The Frizbox® Pallet Shipper currently satisfies many pharmaceutical laboratories in the world by meeting all their requirements.