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5 simple ways of securing the cold chain

5 simple ways of securing the cold chain

The cold chain is a form of logistics that must be closely controlled from the first to the final link. Are you a pharmacist, quality engineer, laboratory technician, nurse, midwife or practitioner? If so, you will be concerned with compliance with the cold chain and you will have a major preoccupation: the storage of heat-sensitive medicinal products. Follow the 5 procedures to be adopted when you take delivery of packages of medicinal products!

Secure the cold chain logistics in 5 stages 


1) Give priority to products transported via the cold chain! 

Clearly identify the packaging solutions containing heat-sensitive pharmaceutical products and handle them as a matter of priority as soon as they are received.


2) Thorough checks are essential.

On receipt, carefully check the temperature of the container: you must ensure that the products have not been damaged. 


3) Preparation …

Before unwrapping the products, ensure that the refrigerated storage area is available and at the correct temperature. 


4) … and action!

Unwrap the products as close as possible to the storage area or, if possible, directly in the cold storage chamber. Remove the gel packs and follow the procedures.


5) Never remove products from their refrigerated containers!

If you need to transfer medicinal products to another internal location, always carry them in refrigerated and certified packaging solutions, even for short trips. 


Prior to transportation: identify the best insulated solutions 

Select a packaging solution which optimises and rationalises the consignment of heat-sensitive products: an insulated packaging solution that is neither to big nor too heavy, is customised, easy to use and may be reusable, depending on your requirements.

Our packaging solutions are tested and certified by one of the largest laboratories for thermal testing laboratories in Europe, Ater Métrologie. The tests reproduce the actual transit or storage conditions in the packaging solution: you can therefore be reassured that the packaging solution is suitable for its intended use. 


We have held discussions with you and you have told us about your preoccupations. Choice of insulated packaging solution, storage of heat-sensitive medicinal products for healthcare services, administration of the medicinal product to the patient: the cold chain must be closely controlled at every stage! This is why we are offering familiarisation and training courses. 


Are you prepared for any interruptions in the cold chain?