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A 0-D dynamic model of solid-gas sorption heat pump for waste heat recovery

A 0-D dynamic model of solid-gas sorption heat pump for waste heat recovery

Due to the present energy situation, solid-gas sorption pumps using ammonia might be a crucial technology as they store the ability to produce on demand heating and/or refrigeration, in a totally decarbonized way. During the production phase, latent heat of vaporization of ammonia will produce the refrigeration effect while heat of reaction will be released on the reactors side during ammonia gas sorption. On the recharge phase, heat is supplied to the reactors to regenerate the system. This heat can come from a heater, solar energy or even heat waste recovery. For this kind of sorption systems, steady-state modelling can be useful to estimate the operating autonomy of the process for given system specifications and operating temperatures. However, it is also crucial to predict the behaviour of the system during the transient phases, from initial to targeted temperature and when temperature or load variations occur. In the present study, a dynamic model is presented and developed considering a 0-D approach. The latter is validated with measured data from a commercially available autonomously self-refrigerated container. The model is then applied to a waste heat recovery case study for an application of milk pasteurization.

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Aleix PUBILL*(a), Driss STITOU(b)
(a) Sofrigam Pia, 66380, France, aleix.pubill@sofrigam.com
(b) CNRS-PROMES Perpignan, 66100, France, stitou@univ-perp.fr
*Corresponding author: aleix.pubill@sofrigam.com

Presented during the ICR2023 | 26th International Congress of Refrigeration | August 21st-25th, 2023 | Paris, France