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The keys to control your cold chain logistics costs

Cost optimization, risk management, compliance with regulations are just some of the many challenges inherent to the cold chain transport of medicines. In addition, there are the technical and operational constraints specific to each organization. Are you looking to improve the efficiency of your cold chain logistics, while reducing the environmental impact and costs of your shipments? Here are a few tips to make your supply chain more efficient, more ecological and more economical.

For a safer and more efficient pharmaceutical supply chain

Evaluate the overall cost of the packaging solution

25% of the pharmaceutical industry's expenses are related to logistics, and more than 80% of these logistics costs are partly hidden costs.

The optimization of your cold chain starts with the choice of an adapted packaging solution, which presents the best compromise between price and quality, according to the specificities of the logistic circuit concerned.

Performance, weight, external volume, loading time, all these parameters have a significant impact on the overall cost of the isothermal packaging solution, and affect the carbon footprint of your shipments.

The key to a successful investment in a cold chain management solution? Do not think in terms of purchase price but in terms of the overall financial and environmental impact of the packaging solution. 

Analysing the TCO of your cold chain is one of the best practices to define all the real costs and thus optimize logistics costs.


Making the most of packaging efficiency to reduce costs

Making the pharmaceutical supply chain safer and more efficient is the key to significant cost savings.

One way to achieve this is to choose a cold chain solution:

โ‡’ Reliable: the solution must have been pre-qualified and validated according to the standards in force (Afnor, ISTA) and guarantee the strict maintenance of the temperature over the announced duration.

โ‡’ Ergonomic: it must allow a fast and safe loading of the products to avoid any risk of temperature excursion during the preparation of the packaging.

โ‡’ Optimised in terms of weight and volumes in order to dispatch a maximum number of products and rationalize logistics costs.

 โ‡’ Reusable, when the configuration of the logistic circuit allows it. In this case, it is important to know the number of possible reuses, how to return the packaging, waste management, etc...

The more quality materials (thermal insulation, eutectic gels, outer coating) a package is made of, the better it will be able to maintain the temperature using less insulating material and fewer cold sources.

The packaging is then lighter and the useful volume available for the products is greater. This reduces logistics costs while optimizing shipping.

Nevertheless, be careful to choose isothermal packaging with performance adapted to your needs. Over-quality and over-performance also come at a cost.

Relying on an expert in pharmaceutical cold chain

Is the cold chain solution used really adapted to your needs? Have your teams been trained in the best practices for managing temperature-controlled logistics? Do your staff adopt the right gestures to prevent any break in the cold chain?

Sofrigam insulated packaging solutions guarantee that your most sensitive pharmaceutical products are stored and transported at the right temperature throughout the dispatch process, in accordance with the recommendations of the Good Distribution Practice (GDP guidelines).

Sofrigam uses the latest insulation technologies to offer :

โ†’ a strict maintenance of the cold chain up to 168 hours,

โ†’ the best ratio of usable volume to external volume and reduced weight to ship more products, limit logistics costs and the carbon footprint,

โ†’ a simple and quick preparation protocol to avoid any break in the cold chain.

Now associated with the Coldway Insideยฐ disruptive autonomous refrigeration technology, Sofrigam solutions are now available in an innovative and sustainable active packaging offer.

Our experts will support you in the process of optimizing your cold chain, or in certain specific phases:

โ†’ TCO analysis,
โ†’ logistic circuit analysis,
โ†’ qualification of packaging solutions,
โ†’ custom packaging design,
โ†’ team training.

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